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From the Blogosphere

New Releases & Project Updates

  • Rust web framework comparison. A comparison of some web frameworks written in Rust.
  • eco. A tool for reasoning about breaking changes in Rust ecosystems.
  • mioco. Scalable, asynchronous IO coroutine-based handling for Rust (aka MIO COroutines).
  • cargo-vendor. Cargo subcommand to vendor crates.io dependencies.
  • regex-dfa. Proof of concept for fast regexes in Rust (a regex -> DFA compiler).
  • rust-gc. Simple tracing (mark and sweep) garbage collector for Rust.
  • torch. Generate CPU FlameGraphs based on DWARF Debug Info.
  • libwebpki. Web PKI Certificate Validation in Rust.
  • sokoban-rs. An implementation of Sokoban in Rust.
  • urdict. Command line client for Urban Dictionary.
  • power-assert-rs. Power Assert in Rust. Provides better assertion message.
  • rust-passert. Pretty/Power assertion macros for Rust.
  • colerr. Wrap a given process and colorize it's standard error output.
  • minesweeper-rs. Simple minesweeper in Rust.

What's cooking on nightly?

104 pull requests were merged in the last week.

New Contributors

  • Adam Crume
  • Artem Shitov
  • Cesar Eduardo Barros
  • Daan Rijks
  • Jake Shadle
  • Matěj Grabovský
  • Michael Choate
  • Nikolay Kondratyev
  • Overmind JIANG
  • Tim JIANG

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Quote of the Week

"And God said, Noah you must transport these animals across a large body of water... but they are not Send. And Noah replied, I shall build a great Arc!"durka42 on #rust

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