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New Releases & Project Updates

  • swiboe. The text editor for the next 25 years.
  • cargo-clippy - runs clippy on the current project.
  • ring. Simplified libcrypto (from BoringSSL) for Rust, C/C++, etc.
  • Ideone added support for Rust.
  • Pipeline. A macro collection to pipe your functions calls, like in F# or Elixir.

What's cooking on nightly?

114 pull requests were merged in the last week.

See the subteam report for 2015-09-04 for details.

New Contributors

  • Aleksey Kladov
  • AlexDenisov
  • benshu
  • christopherdumas
  • Hunan Rostomyan
  • Jack Wilson
  • John Thomas
  • Jørn Lode
  • Viacheslav Chimishuk
  • Xiao Chuan Yu

Approved RFCs

Changes to Rust follow the Rust RFC (request for comments) process. These are the RFCs that were approved for implementation this week:

Final Comment Period

Every week the team announces the 'final comment period' for RFCs and key PRs which are reaching a decision. Express your opinions now. This week's FCPs are:

New RFCs

Crate of the Week

This is a new part of this weekly installation, where we will write about a crate that some of you may not know. Please nominate a crate of your choice at the rust-users thread so we can write about it next week.

For this first installment, the most votes went to Serde. Despite many of you probably knowing it, we accepted the popular vote because of the great benefit those who don't yet know it may get. Thanks go to bstrie for the suggestion.

Serde (de)serializes arbitrary Rust data to a number of formats, including JSON, XML, YAML, Bincode and MessagePack. It is possible to write encoder/decoder pairs to work with Serde that don't need to know too much about Rust objects, and Rust data structures only need a pair of auto-derived traits to work with Serde. Now what can one use serializaton for? Storing Rust objects in files or database blobs, sending them between processes, over language-barriers or over the network, for one.

In short, Serde is the Rust framework for your (de)serialization needs.

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Quote of the Week

"[Rust] the language had to dedicate so much real estate to this (difficult) problem alone, it became a disharmonic creature with one bulging muscle and little of anything else."Andrei Alexandrescu (one of designers of D).

Thanks to llogiq for the tip. Submit your quotes for next week!.