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What's cooking on master?

108 pull requests were merged in the last week, and 5 RFC PRs.

Now you can follow breaking changes as they happen! Or, in html.

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New Contributors

  • Abhishek Chanda
  • Andrew Seidl
  • Aram Visser
  • Avdi Grimm
  • fenduru
  • James Perry
  • Manuel Hoffmann
  • Mickaël Salaün
  • Nelo Onyiah
  • Nick Hamann
  • pez
  • Robin Kruppe
  • rundrop1
  • Theo Belaire
  • Thomas Jespersen
  • Ting-Yu Lin

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Upcoming Events

A number of meetups will be celebrating 1.0. Watch this space!

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Quote of the Week

"unsafe restricts which code could contain undefined behavior, but it doesn't isolate the effects of that undefined behavior." - kmc on the limits of unsafety.

Thanks to tshepang for the tip. Submit your quotes for next week!.