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104 pull requests were merged in the last week, and 6 RFC PRs.

Now you can follow breaking changes as they happen!

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  • Ben Ashford
  • Christopher Chambers
  • Dominick Allen
  • Hajime Morrita
  • Igor Strebezhev
  • Josh Triplett
  • Luke Gallagher
  • Michael Alexander
  • Michael Macias
  • Oak
  • Remi Rampin
  • Sean Bowe
  • Tibor Benke
  • Will Hipschman
  • Xue Fuqiao

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Quote of the Week

<frankmcsherry> rust is like a big bucket of solder and wire, with the promise that you can't electrocute yourself.

From #rust.

Thanks to BurntSushi for the tip. Submit your quotes for next week!.