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Updates from Rust Community

Project/Tooling Updates


Rust Walkthroughs


Crate of the Week

This week's crate is fish, a friendly interactive shell that used to be written in C++, but was recently rewritten in Rust (though admittedly they'll have to do some work until it hits your distro's repos).

Despite a lamentable lack of suggestions, llogiq is reasonably satisfied with his choice.

Please submit your suggestions and votes for next week!

Call for Participation; projects and speakers

CFP - Projects

Always wanted to contribute to open-source projects but did not know where to start? Every week we highlight some tasks from the Rust community for you to pick and get started!

Some of these tasks may also have mentors available, visit the task page for more information.

If you are a Rust project owner and are looking for contributors, please submit tasks here.

Updates from the Rust Project

418 pull requests were merged in the last week

Rust Compiler Performance Triage

This week had some small regressions that did not warrant further investigation, several of which were dismissed as being noise/blips in the data. There were also a number of gains. (Don't get exicited about that 20.6% improvement, its an measurement artifact from a temporary blip in the PR that immediately preceded this week's triage.)

Triage done by @pnkfelix. Revision range: 76101eec..f9c2421a

3 Regressions, 5 Improvements, 5 Mixed; 3 of them in rollups 55 artifact comparisons made in total

Full report here

Approved RFCs

Changes to Rust follow the Rust RFC (request for comments) process. These are the RFCs that were approved for implementation this week:

Final Comment Period

Every week, the team announces the 'final comment period' for RFCs and key PRs which are reaching a decision. Express your opinions now.


Tracking Issues & PRs

Language Reference

  • No Language Reference RFCs entered Final Comment Period this week.

Unsafe Code Guidelines

  • No Unsafe Code Guideline RFCs entered Final Comment Period this week.

New and Updated RFCs

Call for Testing

An important step for RFC implementation is for people to experiment with the implementation and give feedback, especially before stabilization. The following RFCs would benefit from user testing before moving forward:

  • No RFCs issued a call for testing this week.

If you are a feature implementer and would like your RFC to appear on the above list, add the new call-for-testing label to your RFC along with a comment providing testing instructions and/or guidance on which aspect(s) of the feature need testing.

Upcoming Events

Rusty Events between 2024-01-17 - 2024-02-14 🦀



North America


If you are running a Rust event please add it to the calendar to get it mentioned here. Please remember to add a link to the event too. Email the Rust Community Team for access.


Please see the latest Who's Hiring thread on r/rust

Quote of the Week

Congrats to the #Rustlang and #Rust-for-#Linux community: the #LinuxKernel now contains the first useful thing built using Rust!

Thorsten Leemhuis on FOSStodon

As with the crate of the week, this week saw a total lack of suggestions, so llogiq would like to offer you this piece of good news from the Linux side of things.

Please submit quotes and vote for next week!

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