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This week's crate is generational-arena, a safe arena allocator that allows deletion without suffering from the ABA problem by using generational indices. Thanks to Willi Kappler for the suggestion!

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140 pull requests were merged in the last week

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Quote of the Week

Bastion of the Turbofish

Beware travellers, lest you venture into waters callous and unforgiving, where hope must abandoned, ere it is cruelly torn from you. For here stands the bastion of the Turbofish: an impenetrable fortress holding unshaking against those who would dare suggest the supererogation of the Turbofish.

Once I was young and foolish and had the impudence to imagine that I could shake free from the coils by which that creature had us tightly bound. I dared to suggest that there was a better way: a brighter future, in which Rustaceans both new and old could be rid of that vile beast. But alas! In my foolhardiness my ignorance was unveiled and my dreams were dashed unforgivingly against the rock of syntactic ambiguity.

This humble program, small and insignificant though it might seem, demonstrates that to which we had previously cast a blind eye: an ambiguity in permitting generic arguments to be provided without the consent of the Great Turbofish. Should you be so naïve as to try to revolt against its mighty clutches, here shall its wrath be indomitably displayed. This program must pass for all eternity, fundamentally at odds with an impetuous rebellion against the Turbofish.

My heart aches in sorrow, for I know I am defeated. Let this be a warning to all those who come after. Here stands the bastion of the Turbofish.

varkor on the rust github.

Thanks to Mazdak Farrokhzad for the suggestion!

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