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  • Rust Prehistory. A reconstructed repository of Rust development by the man himself when it was a personal project between 2006 & late 2009.
  • just – Just a command runner.

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140 pull requests were merged in the last week.

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  • Dmitry Gritsay
  • leonardo.yvens
  • Marcin Fatyga
  • Martin Glagla
  • Matwey V. Kornilov
  • pweyck

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Quote of the Week

I want to paint you a picture of a utopia in which Rust has expanded to become the fabric of the entire classical computing world, where the possibilities of what we can achieve are not shackled to the decaying dreams of computer science past. In this perfect utopia you have invented the perfect model for managing your computer's sci-fi hardware, perfectly free from the legacy of Unix and Windows. And you need the perfect language to write it in. Everywhere you look is legacy: C, C++, Java; the stacks get bigger and bigger, cruft all the way down.

The only shining light is Rust. Those Rustaceans have been chipping away the cruft, distilling their platform to only the essence of bits and bytes, while also expanding its expressive power toward legendary elegance. Rust doesn't want to tell you how to build your system. Rust wants to serve you, to fulfill your dreams, on your terms. For your ambitions, Rust is the only reasonable choice in a world filled with compromises.

brson on Refactoring std for ultimate portability.

Thanks to Japaric for the suggestion.

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