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Updates from Rust Community

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New Crates & Project Updates

  • libfringe. A Rust library implementing safe, lightweight context switches, without relying on kernel services.
  • lewton. Vorbis decoder written in pure Rust.
  • Are we game yet?. The state of game development in Rust.
  • Scaproust. Scaproust is an implementation of the nanomsg "Scalability Protocols" in the Rust programming language.
  • log_buffer. A zero-allocation ring buffer for storing text logs.
  • query_interface. Dynamically query a type-erased object for any trait implementation.
  • Plantex. Open-world exploration game with procedurally generated content.
  • ref_eq. Determine if two borrowed pointers point to the same thing.
  • releasetag. Define release-tags for postmortem analysis, extractable from core-files.
  • bytestool. Compiler plugins, compile time evaluation, eg. byte_size_of!(b"HELLO"), concat_bytes!(b"HEL", b"LO").
  • Videos about Rust. Videos about Rust language found in the Web.
  • spectral. Fluent test assertions.
  • This Week in Rust Docs 20.
  • This week in TiKV 2016-09-05.

Crate of the Week

You suggested, you voted, and here you have your crate of the week: accurate, a way to do accurate floating point sums. Thanks to lifthrasir for the suggestion.

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Updates from Rust Core

146 pull requests were merged in the last two weeks.

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  • Abhishek Kumar
  • Andrea Corradi
  • athulappadan
  • Eugene R Gonzalez
  • Fabian Zaiser
  • johnthagen
  • Keunhong Lee
  • king6cong
  • Matt Ickstadt
  • philipp
  • QuietMisdreavus
  • Sebastian Ullrich

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