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New Releases & Project Updates

  • rust-timsort. Rust implementation of the modified MergeSort used in Python and Java.
  • trust. Rust automated test runner.
  • mongo-rust-driver. Mongo Rust driver built on top of the Mongo C driver.
  • rust-ffi-omnibus. A collection of examples of using code written in Rust from other languages.
  • hyper is now at v0.6. An HTTP/S library for Rust.
  • rust-throw. A new experimental rust error handling library, meant to assist and build on existing error handling systems.
  • burrito. A monadic IO interface in Rust.
  • mimty. Fast, safe, self-contained MIME Type Identification for C and Rust.

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  • Andy Grover
  • Brody Holden
  • Christian Persson
  • Cruz Julian Bishop
  • Dirkjan Ochtman
  • Gulshan Singh
  • Jake Hickey
  • Makoto Kato
  • Yongqian Li

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