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New Releases & Project Updates

  • RustLex. Lexical analysers generator for Rust.
  • rsedis. Redis re-implemented in Rust.
  • cargo add. A utility for adding cargo dependencies from the command line.
  • volley. A benchmarking tool for measuring the performance of server networking stacks.
  • Rust Dispatcher. Dispatcher for Rust, broadcast and subscribe many to many.
  • rust-vim-setup. Use VIM as your Rust IDE - set of bash scripts and a customised vimrc for Rust development.
  • Herd. An experimental HTTP load testing application written in Rust.
  • MaidSafe's Rust rewrite is going well.
  • claxon. A FLAC decoder.

Rust by example has received a number of improvements recently:

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112 pull requests were merged in the last week.

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New Contributors

  • David Stygstra
  • Gulshan Singh
  • Jake Hickey
  • joliv
  • Markus
  • Steven Walter
  • Yongqian Li

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