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In summary

It's been a few weeks since the last TWiR. Things have happened.

RustCamp 2015 was announced, though many details are still to be determined. Please submit talk proposals.

Several I/O stabilization patches have been nominated for backporting to 1.1, filling out the somewhat meager story we had for 1.0. With things moving somewhat slowly since the last release, I/O improvements will probably be the most interesting part of the next release.

If you haven't recently, give the playpen another look as it's received several new features lately, including a new design from Chris Morgan, the ability to output Intel-flavor asm, automatically post GitHub gists, and run #[test] functions.

What's cooking on master?

346 pull requests were merged in the last three weeks.

Now you can follow breaking changes as they happen!

Breaking Changes

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New Contributors

  • Akshay Chiwhane
  • Alexander Artemenko
  • Alex Stokes
  • Andrew Foote
  • Austin Hellyer
  • benaryorg
  • Brian Quinlan
  • Christian Stadelmann
  • Chuck Bassett
  • clatour
  • Cornel Punga
  • David Campbell
  • David Voit
  • dmgawel
  • econoplas
  • edunham
  • Eric Ye
  • Erik Michaels-Ober
  • Felix S Klock II
  • funkill
  • Iven Hsu
  • Jexell
  • Kubilay Kocak
  • Lorenz
  • Marcus Klaas
  • Markus Westerlind
  • Matej Ľach
  • Mathieu David
  • Max Jacobson
  • Michael Layzell
  • Mohammed Attia
  • Nick Fitzgerald
  • Nils Liberg
  • OlegTsyba
  • olombard
  • Parker Moore
  • Paul Oliver
  • petrochenkov
  • Rein Henrichs
  • Rémi Audebert
  • Steve Gury
  • Thomas Karpiniec
  • Tim Ringenbach
  • webmobster
  • Will Andrews

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Quote of the Week

"Dude, you can't just tell people it's the secret plan; then it won't be a secret any more! You keep this up, and you're going to get your Secret Rust Club card revoked! Then you won't be able to get on the awesome Secret Rust Zeppelin. Don't screw this up, man!"

Quxxy, from /r/rust.

"The 1st rule of Secret Rust Club is: you don't talk about Secret Rust Club.

The 2nd rule of Secret Rust Club is: error: 1st rule does not live long enough.

error: aborting due to previous error"

JakDrako, from the same thread.

Thanks to drbawb and Manishearth for the tip. Submit your quotes for next week!.