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The current beta is 1.1.0-beta (cd7d89af9 2015-05-16) (built 2015-05-16).

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Quote of the Week

"Yes, because laundry eating has evolved to be a specific design goal now; and the initial portions of the planned laundry eating API have been landed behind the #![feature(no_laundry)] gate. no_laundry should become stable in 6-8 weeks, though the more complicated portions, including DRY cleaning, Higher Kinded T-shirts, Opt-in Builtin Detergent, and Rinse Time Optimization will not be stabilized until much later."

"We hope this benefits the Laundry as a Service community immensely."

Manish explains Rust's roadmap for laundry-eating.

Thanks to filsmick for the tip.

And since there were so many quotables in the last two weeks, here's one from Evan Miller's evaluation of Rust:

"Rust is a systems language. I’m not sure what that term means, but it seems to imply some combination of native code compilation, not being Fortran, and making no mention of category theory in the documentation."

Thanks to ruudva for the tip. Submit your quotes for next week!.