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What's cooking on master?

86 pull requests were merged in the last week, and 1 RFCs.

Now you can follow breaking changes as they happen!

Breaking Changes

  • for loops now operate on the IntoIterator trait, which eliminates the need to call .iter(), etc. to iterate over collections. There are some new subtleties to remember though regarding what sort of iterators various types yield, in particular that for foo in bar { } yields values from a move iterator, destroying the original collection. RFC.
  • std::io was renamed to std::old_io in preparation for implementing the I/O overhaul RFC.
  • The return type of Fn, FnMut, and FnOnce are associated types. The unsugared forms of these traits are unstable so this shouldn't break stable code. RFC.
  • FullRange, the type that represents a slice over a complete collection, has been renamed to RangeFull, and removed from the prelude.

Other Changes

New Contributors

  • Carl Lerche
  • Dominik Inführ
  • emanueLczirai
  • jatinn
  • John Hodge
  • Loïc Damien
  • Luke Steensen
  • Nelson Chen
  • Orpheus Lummis
  • Pyfisch
  • Sébastien Marie
  • Tyler Thrailkill
  • Victory
  • Vojtech Kral

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New Projects

  • soa. Struct-of-array types, a sometimes more efficient version of Vec<(A, B)> from cgaebel. /r/rust.
  • valico. JSON schema validator, from the rustless RESTful micro-framework project.
  • FFI-Platypus-Lang-Rust. Call Rust from Perl.
  • glassful. kmc strikes again with a syntax extension that translates from Rust syntax to OpenGL Shader Language. /r/rust.
  • secretshare. Shamir's secret sharing.
  • chip8-rust. A emulator for the Chip-8 VM used to implement some old video games. Uses Piston for graphics.
  • snowflake. Library for generating process-unique IDs.
  • rust-dev-box. A Vagrantfile for working on Rust.
  • rust-roller. A simple console dice-rolling app using the sweet rustbox termbox clone.

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