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This week the mailing list was closed, std::io was renamed std::old_io. There were many pull requests merged, but not a lot of churn.

What's cooking on master?

143 pull requests were merged in the last week, and 6 RFCs.

Flavio, Steve and Alex all made rollups. Thanks!

Now you can follow breaking changes as they happen!

Breaking Changes

  • The Show and String formatting traits have been renamed to Debug and Display to more clearly reflect their related purposes. Automatically getting a string conversion to use with format!("{:?}", something_to_debug) is now written #[derive(Debug)].
  • Both the #[start] and #[main] attributes are feature gated as a precaution. Use #![feature(start)] and #![feature(main)] to get them back.

Other Changes

New Contributors

  • Adam Roben
  • Alexis
  • Barosl LEE
  • blackbeam
  • Chris Thorn
  • Daniel Griffen
  • Daniel Raloff
  • Eunji Jeong
  • Flavio Percoco Premoli
  • GuillaumeGomez
  • Ignacio Corderi
  • Jay True
  • JP Sugarbroad
  • KernelJ
  • Kim Røen
  • Logan Chien
  • Luke Francl
  • Michael Pankov
  • Ryan Levick
  • Sean Patrick Santos
  • Steven Allen
  • Tim Parenti
  • Toby Scrace
  • Tristan Storch
  • visualfc
  • Wangshan Lu
  • Willson Mock

Approved RFC's

New RFC's


What's Built with Rust?


Blog Posts



New Projects

  • Built with Rust - A website promoting projects built with Rust.
  • cql-ffi-safe - Safe bindings to the DataStax C++ driver for Cassandra.
  • screenshot-rs - Capturing the screen.
  • rust-atomicwrites - Atomic file writing for POSIX systems.
  • winapi-rs - Windows API bindings.
  • rust-beanstalkd - A beanstalkd client that is compatible with IronMQ. It's API has been recently been redesigned.
  • mm - A multimedia library that is like a cross between SDL and GDK.
  • seqloq - Fast locks for read-heavy workloads.
  • r6.rs - R6RS Scheme implementation in Rust.
  • oxischeme - A Scheme implementation in Rust, with a working GC.
  • CoatCheck - A library for storing values and referencing them by ticket.
  • emojicons - An emoji parser.
  • maud - A macro that takes markup and Rust tokens and emits HTML.
  • ocb.rs - OCB-AES 'authenticryption'.
  • parser-combinators - A parser-combinator library.

Project Updates

Upcoming Events