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What's cooking on master?

149 pull requests were merged in the last week.

Now you can follow breaking changes as they happen!

Breaking Changes

Other Changes

New Contributors

  • Aaron Friel
  • Akos Kiss
  • Andrew Wagner
  • Eric Kidd
  • Jacob Edelman
  • Jake Goulding
  • Jared Roesch
  • Ken Tossell
  • Kevin Yap
  • Martin Pool
  • Mathieu Poumeyrol
  • Mike Pedersen
  • Niels Egberts
  • Pedro Larroy
  • Sean Collins
  • Seth Pollack
  • mchaput

Approved RFC's

  • 503: prelude stabilization. Removes a ton of stuff from the prelude, and moves what remains to a std::prelude::v1 module.
  • 474: path reform. Tightens up the Path API, and makes some changes around their internal representation.
  • 504: Show stabilization. Splits Show into Show and String, with Show being tied to the re-introduced {:?} format string specifier for debugging purposes.
  • 453: macro reform. Tightens up how macro import/export "works", and solves the "curious inner module" problem with a $crate meta-variable.
  • 486: std::ascii reform. Removes the Ascii newtype and implements the old functionality on various forms of arrays of u8 instead.
  • 509: collections reform part 2. Finalizes the fate of std::collections, marking some as stable and moving some to the external collect-rs crate.
  • 520: new array repeat syntax. Due to an ambiguity with range notation, the fixed-length array syntax has changed to [T; N] for the type and [expr; N] for the constructor.
  • 522: Allow Self to be used in impls. As it sounds. Reduces verbosity.

New RFC's


The video from the Thursday's SF Meetup about crypto has several interesting presentations.

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