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  • Aaron Weiss
  • Aidan Cully
  • Arthur Liao
  • bluss
  • Jon Haddad
  • Matt Murphy
  • Matt Windsor
  • Maxime Quandalle
  • Nafis

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rustbyexample.com is an official rust-lang project now. Contributions highly encouraged. Reddit.

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24 Days of Rust continues!

New Projects

  • Elliptic Curve Crypto: Elliptic curve arithmetic and cryptography library in pure Rust
  • Rustache: a flexible template engine for Rust
  • checked_cast!: A small macro to deal with the libc typedef hell
  • Iota: A simple text editor written in Rust
  • Metafactory: value construction pipeline builder
  • superchan: A Rust crate containing types for sending data across a network
  • wxRust: A Rust binding of the wxWidgets cross platform toolkit

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