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What's cooking on master?

71 pull requests were merged in the last week.

Breaking Changes

  • libgetopts has had some public re-exports removed, Fail_ renamed to Fail, and getopts::FailType has been removed.
  • BinarySearchResult's variants are no longer re-exported, and must be accessed through the enum itself.
  • libsync is dead. Long live std::sync and std::comm. All uses of libsync should be able to cleanly migrate to these two modules.
  • MaybeOwned[Vector] has been deprecated in favour of Cow. See the PR for full details of all the consequences.
  • Non-failing unwrap methods have been renamed to into_inner, as per RFC 430
  • You can no longer invoke Dark Magicks and match on an enum struct variant as if it were a tuple. As a consequence, Rust is no longer a useful programming language.
  • non-ASCII lifetime identifiers have been feature-gated. Rust is now only of academic interest, and lacks any practical applications.

Other Changes

New Contributors

  • Ben S
  • olivren
  • Pascal Hertleif
  • Roy Crihfield
  • Ulysse Carion

Approved RFC's

New RFC's


From the Team

  • Weekly-meetings/2014-11-25: extension trait conventions; shadowed lifetimes; problems with unused type params; es6-style string escaping; int fallback redux redux Reddit.

Blog Posts


New Projects

  • pitch_calc: A library for musical pitch conversions! Provides functions and traits for converting between frequency, midi-step and letter-octave.
  • irc: An IRC library for Rust.
  • SoundStream: A simple-as-possible, fast audio I/O stream for Rust
  • capture.rs: A macro for explicit capture clauses
  • morphism.rs: A structure for suspended closure composition
  • collect-rs: An experimental extension of the Rust standard library's libcollections
  • confsolve: Command line tool for resolving Dropbox/Wuala conflicts
  • enum_ns: A simple compiler plugin to enable the old enum namespacing behavior for select modules and crates
  • Multipart + Hyper: An extension to Hyper that provides client- and server-side support for HTTP multipart/form-data requests
  • sersve: A directory server in Rust with Iron

Project Updates

  • [This Week In Servo 13]

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