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What's cooking on master?

55 pull requests were merged in the last week.

Breaking Changes

  • Struct variants are no longer feature-gated. At the same time, struct variants no longer support visibility modifiers, for consistency with other variants. RFC.
  • The time crate, which is widely considered to be of poor quality, has been moved out of the distribution, but can still be accessed via cargo.
  • The new task pool that reem announced on reddit earlier in the week was speedily merged into the tree, replacing the old TaskPool. It includes some breaking API changes.
  • The compiler now treats () not as a distinct 'unit' type but as a zero-length tuple (though the docs continue to allow that () may be referred to as 'unit'). This may cause breakage for macros that expect () to be a literal, whereas now it is an expression.
  • io::Buffer has been refactored to be object-safe, moving some methods into other traits.
  • The Extendable trait for extending a collection via an Iterator has been renamed to Extend, and can now be used with EnumSet and LruCache.
  • The old 'once_fns' feature gate has been removed (everybody thought it had been removed long ago). This is unrelated to the modern FnOnce type.

Other Changes

  • BTree implements the collection views API.
  • The #[stable] attribute is no longer inherited by child AST elements. This is intended to reduce the risk of accidentally marking things stable.
  • AsRefReader and AsRefWriter have been renamed to ByRefReader and ByRefWriter for consistency with their method names. The original types remain and are deprecated.
  • Performance of RingBuf has improved. Some subsequent reddit discussion lamented the introduction of unsafe code.
  • On Windows, rustc once again prefers the bundled MinGW linker over any system-installed MinGW linker in an attempt to make Rust on Windows cause the fewest surprises.

New Contributors

  • Adam Szkoda
  • Artem
  • Barosl Lee
  • Ian Connolly
  • Jeff Parsons
  • Josh Haberman
  • Josh Stone
  • Murarth
  • Ricky Taylor

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