Hello and welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust! Rust is a systems language pursuing the trifecta: safe, concurrent, and fast. This is a weekly summary of its progress and community. Want something mentioned? Send me an email! Want to get involved? We love contributions.

This week, it was anounced that Steve Klabnik has been hired to work exclusively on our documentation, starting tomorrow.

What's cooking on master?

73 pull requests were merged in the last week.

Breaking Changes

The complete breaking change log is available here, and you can view it with git log --no-merges --grep 'breaking-change' --since 6/14/2014 --until 6/21/2014.

Other Changes

New Contributors

  • Christopher Bergqvist
  • Conrad Kleinespel
  • John Schmidt
  • Nathan Typanski
  • Niklas Koep

New RFCs

Community Updates

This Week in Servo

Servo is a web browser engine written in Rust and is one of the primary test cases for the Rust language.

In the last two weeks, we landed 53 PRs.

Notable additions

  • Brian Anderson landed parallel renedering
  • Lars Bergstrom and Manish Goregaokar changed Servo to use a prebuilt Rust compiler (reducing build times from hours to < 10 minutes!) and enabled Travis CI builds
  • ms2ger added support for rapidly failing the script task when the JS engine goes OOM
  • fdipilla added support for spaces in paths in our configure scripts
  • Tetsuharu OHZEKI added support for internal mutability for many pieces of code in Servo
  • Martin Robinson added overflow support to child layer sizes
  • Matt Brubeck separated desktop and mobile zoom calculations
  • schaars ensured that noscript elements are not displayed
  • Bruno Abinader implemented querySelectorAll
  • Luqman Aden fixed up build failures on Android
  • Glenn Watson added a Rust string interning repo (though he declined to name it "yarnbox")

New Contributors

Pierre Louis Aublin (schaars) fdipilla

Meetings and Notes

There were meetings two weeks ago discussing the next workweek and build system issues and last week about the move to Travis CI, embedding support, and the web platform tests.