Hello and welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust! Rust is a systems language pursuing the trifecta: safe, concurrent, and fast. This is a weekly summary of its progress and community. Want something mentioned? Send me an email! Want to get involved? We love contributions.

This is the busiest week in This Week in Rust's history, and the pull request queue isn't getting any shorter. This is a mixed blessing: tons of work is getting done, but it takes forever to get merged.

What's cooking on master?

89 pull requests were merged this week. This is the most pull requests merged in a week, ever. 10 1.0 issues were closed this week, and 0 opened.

Breaking Changes

Other Changes

New Contributors

  • Axel Viala
  • Craig MacKenzie
  • Douglas Young
  • Dylan Braithwaite
  • Ehsanul Hoque
  • Sterling Greene

Weekly Meeting

The weekly meeting discussed the Hash changes, debug assertions, and commit log administrivia.

This Week in Servo

Servo is a web browser engine written in Rust and is one of the primary test cases for the Rust language.

This week, we landed 15 PRs.

Notable additions

  • Sankha Narayan Guria made drawing a single line much more efficient in #1709
  • Lars Bergstrom removed the last of the @muts not in script in #1712
  • Junyoung Cho fixed up a bug where we were removing  s in #1727
  • Youngmin Yoo added support for the <object> element in #1664
  • Keegan McAllister made use of the border box more consistent in layout in #1699
  • Peiyong Lin fixed up the naming of some of our flow methods in #1693
  • Simon Sapin refactored the cascade methods in #1706
  • Adam Sinnett corrected the parent type names of Text, Comment, and PI types in #1702
  • Patrick Walton added some inlining that sped up flow construction even more in #1602

New contributors

  • Peiyong Lin (lpy)
  • Adam Sinnett (quandrum)


We did not have a meeting this week because of President's Day in the US.

Announcements, etc