Welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust.

What's cooking on master?

Only 63 PRs were merged this week. Currently in the queue is the massive privacy change, the path rewrite, enum descriminant shrinking, a rand rework, a lock-free scheduler message queue, and libuv signal bindings.

Breaking Changes

  • float has been removed from the language.
  • loop has been removed. The transition to continue is complete.
  • A macro ignoring tokens now throws an error rather than silently ignoring it.
  • IntConvertible has been replaced with ToPrimitive and FromPrimitive. This also heralds the ability to derive to/from int methods on enums.

Everything Else

Weekly Meeting

The weekly meeting discussed a bunch of proposed changes, including rustpkg submodules, removing float (which has already happened), raw string literals (which have a patch almost finished), and the changes to the Option API.



Haven't had a meetup section in a long time, but two are forming!