Welcome to another issue of This Week in Rust! This week saw the release of 0.8, the removal of @fn, and a bunch of other changes. The tutorial has been updated significantly, surrounding pointers and boxes, so you should re-read those sections if you're still feeling shaky on when you should use which.

What's cooking on master?

There were 79 PRs merged this week.

Breaking changes

Everything else

  • A ton of documentation work was put in this week. The box section of the tutorial has been rewritten, and there's a new rustpkg tutorial too. The module tutorial saw the file section extended. There was a bunch of module documentation updated/added too.
  • rustdoc(_ng) also saw a lot of work. It completely replaced the old rustdoc, as well as seeing a lot of fixes. Huge thanks to Alex Crichton for all the work with it!
  • std::vec has seen some nice changes to connect_vec and concat_vec (they were really awful before).
  • rustpkg test is implemented.
  • type_use has been removed. This did some nasty things and LLVM's mergefunc pass will do a better job of the same optimization (once it's enabled).
  • with_c_str is now optimized to be allocation-free for short vectors.
  • The logging system, when using the new formatting code (so debug2 etc) is allocation-free.
  • std::rand has seen some cleanup, in preparation for its overhaul.

Weekly Meeting

The weekly meeting discussed a bunch of things, the main things of importance to me being:

  • loop -> continue
  • Allowing nested comments


  • wxRust - A binding to the wxWidgets toolkit.
  • widmann - A Sinatra clone
  • gl-rs has been updated to generate only bindings for a select version / set of extensions.
  • Debugging Rust in Eclipse - Michael Woerister's final GSoC post. He did really great work this summer!
  • Rust for Rubyists has been open sourced!
  • The Claymore project has just come to my attention. Apparently it has been going on for quite some time. There are some screenshots at http://claymore-dev.blogspot.com/.
  • rustenstein3d - a Wolfenstein3D engine
  • clio, a roguelike. This one also slipped under my radar for a while.
  • rust-gmp has been updated for 0.8/master.
  • rustdoc_ng, being merged into mainline, has concluded as a project.
  • And, of course, the 0.8 release discussion on reddit.