Hello and welcome to the 11th edition of This Week in Rust! I'm starting uni this week, so if you notice I'm not quite as omnipresent and omniprescient as usual, that'd be why. Please send me an email if you would like your pull request, project, or blog post mentioned. I would hate to overlook something cool or important.

The Mozilla Intern talks happened this past week or so. The ones I know about relating to Rust are:

Congratulations to them all. The interns did a ton of great work over the summer.

What's cooking on master?

There were only 46 PRs merged this week. I don't quite know why that number is so low this week. It certainly wasn't for lack of PRs: the queue has been constantly backlogged. Issue churn was -26, yay!

Breaking Changes

Library improvements, bugfixes, and cleanup

Compiler improvements, bugfixes, and cleanup

Tools, documentation, etc


The Tuesday meeting discussed turning jemalloc back on, default arguments, and method invocation ordering. It also discussed the new IO code and stage0 stdtest.

Notable discourse

External projects