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What's cooking on master?

127 pull requests were merged in the last week, and 18 RFC PRs.

Now you can follow breaking changes as they happen!

Breaking Changes

Other Changes

  • Objects now have default lifetime bounds, so you don't have to write Box<Trait+'static> when you don't care about storing references. RFC.
  • The new std::fs and std::process modules have arrived! They are much the same as the old but follow new conventions as described in RFC 579 and RFC 739.
  • On Unix Rust will soon be uninstallable by running /usr/local/lib/rustlib/uninstall.sh.
  • Richo Healey added lints for putting #[no_mangle] on consts, as well as on private statics. #[no_mangle] only makes sense for things with public symbol names.
  • eddyb endured an epic struggle with @bors to make borrows of constants &'static.

New Contributors

  • Duane Edwards
  • Geoffrey Thomas
  • Hugo van der Wijst
  • Jorge Israel Peña
  • Mátyás Mustoha
  • Michael Budde
  • Pierre Baillet
  • Renato Alves
  • Thiago Carvalho
  • Tim Cuthbertson

Approved RFCs

We'll catch up on RFCs next week.

Friend of the Tree

The Rust Team likes to occassionally recognize people who have made outstanding contributions to The Rust Project, its ecosystem, and its community. These people are 'friends of the tree'.

This week's friend of the tree was ... Jonathan Reem (reem)

Jonathan Reem has been making an impact on Rust since May 2014. His primary contribution has been as the main author of the prominent Iron web framework, though he has also created several other popular projects including the testing framework stainless. His practical experience with these projects has led to several improvements in upstream Rust, most notably his complete rewrite of the TaskPool type. Reem is doing everything he can to advance the Rust cause.

Quote of the Week

"You may be wondering whether this algorithm is correct. The answer is 'sort of'." @horse_rust (after Niko).

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