Hello and welcome to the eighth issue of This Week in Rust. Due to me being busy and forgetful over the weekend, this is a special issue, Last Week in Rust.

What's cooking on master?

Issue churn continues to be negative, -15 this week. A total of 63 PRs were merged.

Breaking Changes

There were impressively few breaking changes last week.

Notable library additions, bugfixes, and cleanup

Notable compiler additions, bugfixes, and cleanup

Documentation, tools, and other stuff


The Tuesday meeting was quite productive. A quick summary:

  • Graydon wants to investigate using the Memory Pool System as the Rust GC, rather than a bespoke one. The MPS is a very mature and robust memory management library.
  • The buildbots now collect and report some metrics as JSON. Take a poke in http://static.rust-lang.org/build-metrics/<git-sha1>/<builder>/<slave>/<metricsfile>.json if you're interested.
  • pcwalton proposes allowing Self in impls, like in trait definitions.
  • There was some discussion of destructors taking self by value.
  • There was a proposal to remove *mut, but it can be useful. There was no consensus.
  • There was also some discussion on closures and mutable captures. I don't really have enough context to understand the conversation, something to do with "thunks".
  • Removing &const was discussed as well. The "plan is that we add a lint flag but document it as a reserved word", as it doesn't really seem to be useful.

Discussion + Blog posts