Hello and welcome to the fifth issue of This Week in Rust, a weekly overview of Rust and its community.

0.7 was released this week. Hello to the newcomers! I've also decided to put breaking changes first. Feel free to skip the rest, it's relatively unimportant.


There's already a lot of traffic from Rust newbies, so you get your own section! Welcome to Rust. I wrote The State of Rust 0.7 especially for newcomers, so you should read that. Jump on IRC if you have any questions or need help. We're a quite friendly bunch, and we usually don't bite.

What's cooking on master?

Issue churn this week was +12. 35 PRs were merged, total PR churn was -8. There continues to be a lot more cleanup than breaking changes, which is encouraging! As I understand it, graydon wants to focus this release cycle on cleanup, rather than language features. Hopefully the compiler can get into a much better state.

Breaking changes

Notable compiler additions, bugfixes, and cleanup

Notable library additions, bugfixes, and cleanup


The Tuesday meeting featured more discussion about @ and @mut, that was honestly over my head (as most of the type system stuff is). If someone wants to write some more here, feel free to email me (corey+blog@octayn.net) a paragraph or two. You will get attribution, of course.

Discussion + Blog posts